FIREFIGHTERS in Wrexham were called to three incidents across the town on Sunday evening.

North Wales Fire and Rescue said crews dealt with a flat fire, shed blaze and bin fire on a busy Sunday evening for the authority.

Shortly after 6.10pm, two crews were called to a fire at a flat on Primrose Way in Wrexham, caused by a chip pan left unattended.

There are no reports of any injuries but the flat suffered 60 per cent smoke damage and part of the kitchen sustained fire damage, a spokesman for North Wales Fire and Rescue said.

Minutes earlier, firefighters were also called to a shed blaze at a property on New Road in Southsea.

The fire was caused by ember from a barbecue which spread to the roof of the brick built shed causing approximately 20 square meters of damage to the roof and slight damage to the roof of a shed at a neighbouring property.

Finally, crews dealt with a bin fire on Belvedere Drive in Wrexham at 5.30pm, with the blaze sparked by discarded a cigarette.

North Wales Fire and Rescue Service launched a campaign on Monday urging the public to take extra care while cooking as firefighters attend more cooking fires during lockdown.