SOMEONE has got creative in their warnings to would be litterers on a Wrexham playing field.

They have scrawled a number of messages in chalk on pavements surrounding the field in New Broughton in the hope of deterring littering.

The Leader: Photo credit - Adam Crump.Photo credit - Adam Crump.

Some of the messages the person or persons have written on the pathway of Gatewen Road field include 'If you litter you're rubbish', 'You are the only cure for litter' and 'Littering is trashy'.

They have also written the words 'Can it 4 planet' with an arrow pointing to a nearby bin.

The Leader: Photo credit - Adam Crump. Photo credit - Adam Crump.

Local resident Adam Crump upon coming across the messages said something like this was needed to deal with the issue of littering on and around the field.

He said: "It's nice to see someone being creative and warning people as to be honest there are loads of empty cans and bottles always left on the field. "It's not good as there are kids and dog walkers who use the field regularly and it'd be awful if they were to cut or hurt themselves on broken glass or a broken can.

"So people using the field please pick up your litter."

The Leader: