LESLEY Griffiths MS has called on the people of Wrexham to seek help if they are experiencing housing issues.

The Welsh Government has launched a new digital campaign on housing advice during COVID-19.

Developed with Shelter Cymru, the campaign will direct people to the Welsh Government website where they will be able to access advice related to different housing issues.

The campaign aims to inform and reassure people that there is help and support available and make it easier for them to access that - particularly as many won’t have been in this situation before.

Shelter Cymru has reported that demand for their live online support and telephone helpline has more than doubled in recent weeks.

Common concerns include struggling to pay rent or mortgage, being worried about eviction and anxious about getting repairs done in a rented home.

Lesley Griffiths MS has been contacted by constituents who have experienced housing issues as a result of coronavirus.

She said: “People are finding themselves in a situation where they are struggling to pay bills or they fear eviction for the first time ever.

“This partnership between the Welsh Government and Shelter Cymru will help inform and reassure people that help and support is available. Residents should know their rights and what they’re entitled to and if anyone is struggling, I would urge them to seek help immediately. As always, constituents are always welcome to contact me for further information or support.”

The Welsh Government website will set out what people can do about these issues and signpost them to further help from organisations such as Citizens Advice, Crisis and Shelter Cymru. The website will also refer people to the UK Government’s Department for Work and Pensions where appropriate for further information on benefits.