A FLINTSHIRE dad is pressing on with his epic charity challenge in order to fund a party for NHS workers.

The Leader reported last month how 51-year-old Paul Geddes, of Penymynydd, planned to run 840 miles; the equivalent of 32 marathons.

Having aimed for 8.4 miles per day, he said he is pleased to be ahead of his predicted target and has so far run 362.44 miles.

The challenge has taken its toll on Mr Geddes in the form of various injuries, but the dad-of-two said he won't let that stop him.

He explained: "I've popped my ankle twice, pulled my back, broken a toe and my ankle is playing up because of an injury I had when I was in the Army.

"I think the problem has been that I have been trying to run it as fast as possible, but when I thought about it, all I need to do is put the mileage in.

"I've slowed down because I'm not 25 any more. I am definitely going to carry on, 100 per cent." Mr Geddes' fundraising page has so far received pledges for more than £6,500 towards its £15,000 target.

Of the funds pledged, he said: "It's been really inspiring to see the donations coming in, it feels great.

"People are being incredibly selfless, giving now when many are struggling."

He said he would encourage those who can to keep donating.

"We've got a venue now - it's going to be Opera Grill in Chester. They have offered to design a bespoke menu for the evening.

"I've got some big singers that I know who have offered to perform on the night as well, so the plans are all coming together."

Mr Geddes, who owns GHQ Barber Shop in Hoole, said he is still hoping to invite others to join him on the last part of his challenge - which he expects will take place on July 4, depending on social distancing requirements.

To find out more, or to donate, visit: www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/run-geddes-run

More information can be found by searching for Mr Geddes' page "Run Geddes Run" on Facebook, as well as Instagram.