A WAVE of applause could once again be heard across the UK in support of our key workers on the frontline fight against coronavirus.

Dozens of people took to their windows and gardens to clap for the NHS staff and essential workers.

A social media campaign was launched last month urging people to show their appreciation for our NHS frontline heroes and thousands of people across the counties answered that call.

At 8pm every Thursday, houses open their windows and doors to clap and mark the gratitude for NHS workers that are currently working to keep the nation safe as COVID-19 spreads across the country.

The Clap For Carers campaign, which started online, was staged because “during these unprecedented times they need to know we are grateful”, according to the organisers.

Leader readers took to social media to share their experience of the weekly event that unites the nation.

Paula Reynolds said: "Bryn-y-baal went out clapping and singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow."

Julian Lloyd Roberts said: "The people of Flint Mountain certainly did. Well done all."

Olwen Hughes added: "Maxwell Close in Gresford had another amazing turn out with saucepans, all lead by our own town crier."

Landmark buildings are also encouraged to light up blue to show their support.

Linda Evans said: "Our pub in Buckley, we played the wonder of you by Elvis, we opened the windows and doors, and turned the jukebox as loud as it would go, we also had our blue and white lights flashing, and stood by the door clapping. So many people around the area came out to clap, it was very emotional! We will be doing the same every week until this is over."