POLICE are urging people to make sure their vehicles are road worthy - or better still to stay off North Wales' roads unless their journey is essential.

It comes after officers from the North Wales Police Roads Policing Unit attended a collision involving a motorcycle on the A483, which runs through Wrexham, yesterday.

When it was inspected, the bike was found to have a dangerously worn tyre.

The team tweeted: "Yesterday we dealt with a collision involving a m/cycle travelling n/bound on the A483. As you can see the front tyre was down to the cord. Rider will be dealt for dangerous driving at a later date and we're also looking at prosecution for non-essential journey."

Police, especially ahead of the Easter Bank Holiday Weekend, have been urging people to stay off the roads unless they have to travel.

In the last week, a number of cars and motorcycles have been seized for making non-essential journey and issues such as no tax or insurance, or the vehicle being unroadworthy.