A FACEBOOK group set up by a Wrexham mum for virtual interaction amid social distancing and lockdown has nearly 70,000 members after just one month.

A month ago, mum-of-four Vicky Salomon, from Acton, decided to create Housebound with Kids - an interactive community space and lifeline for those times when you are stuck indoors with children.

And after just a month of being launched, it has attracted 67,000 members - with people from as further a field as Australia and the USA joining the group.

Vicky, a marketing manager for her husband's accounting company by day, admits she's astonished how much it has taken off.

She said: "It was something I felt compelled to create as a mother of four young children, it felt like something I needed - to have that interaction with other parents and to be able to support one another and share ideas.

"Originally I hoped to just reach local people, but- with the great help of my friends - the group began to be shared far and wide and has attracted an amazing amount of people. I've been blown away with the love, and need of a space where we can all feel connected and supported.

"I've created something which is obviously a very useful space for people, which is brilliant. But I just created it, it's down to all the amazing people who have joined and made it such a great virtual community who should take the credit - I'm so grateful to them all."

The group gives people the chance to share recommendations for fun things to do at home or in the garden, posts and photos of activities that worked and those that did not work as well.

Vicky added: "This group’s aim is to be a warm, welcoming and friendly community. I hope that this group can inspire us all to have more fun with our children and enjoy the joyful."

And Vicky has also created a 'Virtual Pub' group for everyone - parents or non-parents - to enjoy during, which itself boasts a very impressive 23,000 members.

It includes virtual quiz nights and karaoke and game nights.

Vicky said: "Following the success of the Housebound with Kids group, I've set up the 'Virtual Pub' as a happy space for us all to virtually connect together.

"Hopefully this group provides people with some joy amid these most testing of times."

The Housebound with Kids group can be found at https://www.facebook.com/groups/houseboundwithkids/ and the Virtual Pub group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/virtuallyapub/