DISGUSTING speeds have been reported on a North Wales road on Monday evening, despite the coronavirus lockdown.

Officers of the North Wales Police roads policing unit said motorists were caught speeding on the A483 - one of which reached 103mph.

A spokesman said: "A couple of disgusting speeds this evening on the A483, we are trying to prevent putting pressure on the NHS and speeds like this don't help, at these speeds it's a momentary lapse and you will be finding yourself in a serious situation, both drivers reported."

The Leader:

However, across other areas in North Wales there have been no issues as North Wales Police continue to patrol roads across Flintshire and Wrexham.

Officers at Wrexham Town policing team have been out and about patrolling Wrexham.

Road checks are being conducted across the area to check that those who are using the roads are doing so if it is 'absolutely necessary'.

A spokesman said: "We are doing this to keep you safe & help protect our NHS."

The Leader:

Similarly, officers of the South Flintshire policing team were educating drivers on the border in Saltney.

A spokesman added: "Not the "Welcome to Wales" we would normally wish to give drivers, but the message is vital. Officers have this afternoon been out on the border in Saltney educating drivers.

"Pleased to report roads fairly quiet and most of drivers stopped were following government guidelines."

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