THE rainbow has fast become a symbol of hope and support - and for NHS staff at the Maelor Hospital is a reminder that we will beat coronavirus.

One rainbow created by three children hanging in a ward at the Wrexham hospital has become a reminder of how health workers are valued during these challenging times.

Telma Ferreira, a healthcare support worker on Morris Ward, said the rainbow was done by her daughter Stephanie, nine, and her classmates at St Mary's Catholic Primary School in the town.

The Leader:

Staff on Morris Ward with the rainbow

Telma said: "We are going true a very stressful time, there is a lot pressure in the hospital and for staff.

"That rainbow was donated by tSt Mary's School in Wrexham. "My daughter brought it home and said please mum take it to your ward so I did.

"When I'm in work and worry, I look at the rainbow and think 'we're going to get through this - We are all going to beat this COVID-19'."

Staff on Morris Ward posed with the rainbow and signs urging people to stay at home to keep themselves and others safe.

The Leader:

Stephanie and Melanie with their rainbows

Telma's daughters, Stephanie and Melanie, have also made rainbows to display in the window of their home.

The trend of painted rainbows being placed in windows has been seen across the world and has become hugely popular in the UK after schools closed in response to the outbreak.