WREXHAM Council has revealed it will be closing its parks and play areas in a bid to stop the spread of coronavirus.

In a briefing note shared to the public about the running of council services whilst the country faces the COVID-19 pandemic, the news that all park and play areas owned by the council would be closing until further notice.

A spokesman for Wrexham Council said: “From today, we’re shutting our enclosed country parks and council-managed play areas.

“This includes Ty Mawr and Alyn Waters, and notices will be put up to help inform people of the closures.

“Just like other councils across the UK, we’re doing this to support social distancing.”

News was also shared by neighbouring Flintshire Council on March 23 that all council-owned parks and play facilities in their county would be closed after Welsh Government asked that all councils across Wales review local open space management to help combat the pandemic.

Another measure to stop the spread of COVID-19 introduced by Wrexham Council involves limiting services at Pentrebychan Crematorium to 30 attendees to fulfil social distancing needs.

With regards to schools, the council have said that schools in Wrexham have taken on a new role from today – ‘providing places for the children of key workers so they can keep doing their jobs’.

A spokesman said: “Schools are operating with reduced staff due to the impact of the virus, and this is a big challenge. However, some people are trying to take advantage of this, and putting head teachers under huge pressure to take their children, when they don’t meet the criteria for key workers.

“If you’re not a key worker as defined by the Government, you cannot send your child to school at the moment.”

Transport arrangements for children still accessing school will be available as normal this week. If changes are required, parents and carers will by notified by their school.

Wrexham Council add that as of tomorrow they will only be providing critical services - identified as those that are ‘absolutely crucial to our communities and the running of the council’. They include social services, advice on housing benefits, sheltered accommodation, schools (currently open to children of key workers and vulnerable children only), emptying bins and other things that people depend on.

Finally, the council warned residents to be wary of scammers taking advantage of people after Trading Standards teams across the UK are continuing to get reports.

Ian Bancroft, chief executive and Councillor Mark Pritchard, leader of the council said: "‘Social distancing’ is crucial if we want to have any chance of managing the spread of this virus, and preventing the NHS from being overwhelmed.

"It basically means reducing the amount of contact we have with others – staying away from busy places, groups of people and even friends and family – so the virus has less chance to spread.

"By staying apart, we can all work together to try and keep Wrexham as safe as it can be."