WITH fear rapidly growing and half the world being asked to self-isolate and keep their distance, it is likely soon enough we will all find ourselves in a position where we are confined to the walls of our own homes. Before this crisis, the idea of working from home seemed exciting, something we all wanted to do… but now it may not seem so appealing. But self-isolating does not have to be scary, it can be fun and productive – a chance to learn something new.

Here at the Leader, we have come up with a list of the top ten things you can do to keep your boredom at bay – from learning new skills to getting your essential exercise in.

1) Exercise

Just because gyms may be closing or limiting their hours or you feel safer not going altogether, doesn’t mean you have to sit there and do nothing. Exercise can still be done outside, whether that is walking, cycling or running (as long as it’s within the government guidelines of social-distancing), or can be done at home through work-out tutorials and turning your living room into a yoga hub. Remember the days of Just Dance?

2) Learn a new skill

Whether it is learning how to cook, learning how to play an instrument or even learning a new language – now would be the best time to learn something new. Or even develop your skills. Hunt down your knitting needles and make yourself something nice. Tutorials can easily be found online.

3) Binge watch TV/films

Now would be the perfect opportunity to watch all those box sets or films that you have been putting off due to lack of time. From horror to sci-fi to romance, Netflix and other channels will have you covered. We totally haven’t been binge watching all the latest shows! Some good ideas: Harry Potter, James Bond, Star Wars, Doctor Who, the Soaps, The Stranger etc...

4) Read a book

This may sound foreign to some, but books do still exist and if you can’t get out to the shops for a hardback version, e-books are easily downloaded. This can be therapeutic and relaxing – when better to transport yourself into another time/place?

5) Check in on loved ones

You may not be allowed to visit, but the wonders of modern-day technology means you can still check in on your loved ones via social media or on your mobile phone. Make sure they are okay. Even checking on your neighbours you could give them a call or write them a letter. Now is a time we must make sure everyone is okay.

6) Play games

This can be board games (again, taking into considering social distancing), video games, card games, puzzle books or jigsaws (a 1,000 piece should keep you busy for a while). You could even make your own game up. There's always Monopoly...

7) Gardening

You are still allowed out in your garden, maybe now would be a good time to do some weeding or planting flowers to make your outdoor space the best it's been.

8) Spring clean

Something many of us struggle to fit into our daily lives, but now would be the ideal to time to sort everything out. Sort out unwanted clothes or items for when charity shops reopen. Maybe donate unused food items to the Foodbanks during this hard time.

9) Bake

Cakes make everyone happy. Bake wartime recipes using rationed ingredients if you’re worried about supplies.

10) DIY

Start a project you've always wanted to do now you have the time. Any jobs that you've been putting off like setting up the new wardrobe or building a bird house, your options are endless.

To pass the time you can also keep up to date with trustworthy local news by keeping an eye on our website or our local newspaper.

Share your suggestions of what you can do while you're self-isolating - let's keep everyone busy!