A POWERFUL and emotional play tackling a taboo subject has left viewers tear-stained and appreciative of life.

Dancing in the Wings, written by Mold woman Philippa Davies, 48, launched on stage at Theatr Clwyd on February 27 for three nights.

The play is based on the writer's own journey through the loss of her baby daughter, Sam, who was born sleeping in January 2012.

Philippa's main aim with the play is to highlight and raise awareness, understanding and support for the thousands of people who have to face the difficulties of infertility, miscarriage and stillbirth.

Hannah Blythyn AM who attended the show, said: “Dancing in the Wings is a powerfully written and performed play about a subject that is too often treated as taboo.

“I was incredibly moved and inspired by the bravery of Philippa. I’d encourage people to see the play, which should be supported to be performed as far and wide as possible.”

Philippa told the Leader her dream was to be a mum and have her own family and after losing Sam, as well as four other babies born at earlier stages of pregnancy, her life ‘fell apart’.

She said: “Tragically I’m just one of many, many thousands of parents who have to face baby loss through miscarriage and stillbirth.

“With the encouragement of Hope House and the support of Suitcase Theatre as well as friend and North Wales actor Si Kneale, I decided to write our story.”

The Leader:

Tickets are still available for the production at The Forum Theatre, Chester on March 20-21.

The play is being produced and performed by Suitcase Theatre and directed by Christine Dukes. Suitcase Theatre has launched a £3,000 crowdfunding campaign to fund touring costs.

Zak Griffiths said: “Dancing in the wings is an in-depth look at the loss of a child before it’s time and the effect and toll it has on the relationships surrounding it.

“The play uses small sets dotted around the stage with only a small number of actors in each scene to develop our connection with the characters, making us listen to the dialogue and empathise.

“The actors themselves did a great job of transferring the emotion and feeling, the conflict of what to do in this tragic situation with class and conviction. To say I came out feeling joyous would be misleading and untruthful.

“I left tear stained, with thoughts of the ones I love spinning around my head. But I also came out with an appreciation of life, something that many times we take for granted.”

The Leader:

Claire Williams added: “It is an amazing educational piece illustrating the raw emotion experienced by those going through child loss.

“A must see for anyone who works with those who may experience the loss of a baby, or anyone who knows someone who has been through it.

“The bravery shown by the writer and the lead actress in this piece and the synchronicity between the two is sensational. An emotional journey that leaves you deeply moved with eyes wider open to the pain of those around us.”