AN ANIMAL rescue charity has made an urgent appeal to raise funds for a new premises so they can help more animals in need.

Ark Angels, based in Saltney, previously confirmed they will be signing a lease on a new premises in the Mold area that ill allow them to house more animals.

They said this was a 'massive and exciting development' which will allow them to rescue, treat and rehome even more animals in need.

Kelly Roberts said: "In the meantime, there is lots of work for the trustees to do as we prepare for this new venture.

"As you might imagine, all this comes at a cost. In fact we need £5,000 to cover all the costs of getting our premises up to scratch to be ready to receive the first animals later in the spring. This is where we need the help of our fantastic supporters."

To donate, you can text DOGSHOME to 70085 and this will donate £2 to Ark Angels specifically to enable them to get our premises up and running.

Alternatively donations can be made usual way via the ‘Shop now’ link on the Facebook page that will take you to PayPal.

Kelly added: "We are desperate for your help.

"We have just over 21,700 supporters if only half of our followers donated just 50p through PayPal, txt DOGSHOME 70085 or bank transfer this would be a massive help.

"Animal cruelty in the UK is getting worse not better as a small rescue like ourself we struggle financially trying to treat the animals that come into our care, we struggle for the demand from people who need help to re home a pet.

"If we can get the premises ready this will allow us to to help more Animals like Bruce and Lucky star. Please help us to make a difference."

It has not yet been revealed where the premises is but Kelly said all will be revealed in the coming weeks.

She said: "We need to remember the good we have done for the animals we have helped. It would have been impossible for us to help and save so many neglected and abused animals without your help and for this we at Ark Angels are truly grateful.

"Whoever thought rescue work was easy? The daily struggles and stresses of having to turn another pet away as we haven’t got the foster home, or the funds or the capacity is just heart breaking.

"Rescues up and down the country are all struggling financially with the amount of animals needing help. 😢

"Our struggle right now is securing our new premises. If we can raise the funds needed this will help so many more animals to safety, we won’t have to turn so many needy animals away, and we can continue to be a voice for the animals and fight harder than ever before to put a stop to animal abuse in our country."