A WREXHAM grandad has a new outlook on life after a community fundraising campaign.

In February last year, forklift truck driver Carl Roberts, 55, suffered a stroke out of the blue that robbed him of his sight in he left eye and partially-sighted in the right.

The sudden disability left Carl unable to do many of the things he enjoyed such as gardening and driving, and it had a detrimental impact on his mental health.

His partner Edna O’Hagan, who works at a Wrexham care home, started a fundraising campaign to purchase life-changing smart glasses for Carl.

In the first 48 hours, the appeal raised more than £600 from friends and family in Caia Park and before Christmas it has raised £1,000.

And now, thanks to a final donation by a family member, Carl has taken delivery of his new Oxsight glasses.

Edna said: "Carl received his Oxsight glasses yesterday. Early days just getting used to how they work.

"We are hoping they will make a difference to life."

The Leader:

Carl getting used to his new glasses

The couple were overwhelmed with the donations, particularly in the run up to Christmas.

Edna added: "We raised £1,148.00 in donations and £61.90 in the collection box in Brooklands garage on Holt Road.

"So a big thank you to everyone who helped us.

“We are so grateful it’s amazing how a community can support people."

The Leader:

Carl and Edna were overwhelmed with the support

At the start of the campaign Edna, 50, described the impact Carl’s loss of vision has had on his day-to-day life.

She said: “Our life totally changed from that day simple things that you take for granted like going out, making meals watching TV are so hard. For example, when watching TV you can see and enjoy a movie but Carl can only see half of the screen. When walking around he can only see who or what is at the right side of him not the left. He as no vision in his left eye and lost the peripheral vision in his right eye. Since then he can no longer work, drive, or do gardening that he loved. He struggles to see what is in front of him.”

After being told that the specialist glasses may help by a consultant at the Maelor hospital, Carl was able to try a pair of the glasses for 45 minutes - an experience he described as “life changing”.

Edna added: “It was a breakthrough!

“We had an assessment and they are amazing it was so lovely to see his face being able to look and see everyone’s faces, his own hands in front of him. The whole TV screen and what’s around it. Imagine looking in the mirror at yourself and only seeing half of you’re own face. With these glasses he can see everything that a fully-sighted person can see.”

The powerful smart glasses are specially-designed for people with visual impairment and can extent the wearer’s field of vision by up to 68 per cent.