A DRUG addicted mother has been handed a community order for stealing from the same Wrexham store on several occasions.

Cassie Jade Evans, 28, of Johnson Street, Ponciau, was appearing at Mold Magistrates Court after being caught stealing joints of meat from the Co-op store in Johnstown on two separate occasions.

The store manager provided a statement to the court saying how he had had “numerous” dealings with Evans over the past six months due to her targetting the store.

Rhian Jackson, prosecuting, told the court how she entered the store on September 6, taking steak, gammon joints, as well as other items, including yoghurts with a value of some £36.50.

Despite staff at the store recovering some of the items taken, the yoghurts had been partially consumed.

Just over a month later, Evans, who pleaded guilty to both charges, returned to the store on October 12 and took four joints of meat worth £40 from the fridge and made her way from the store.

She was pursued by staff and although two of the joints were recovered, the other two had been thrown into water, with none of the items being considered in a suitable enough condition to be re-sold.

Probation officer Pamela Roberts told the court that Evans admitted to stealing the items to fund her crack cocaine and heroin habit.

She had been homeless for a period of 12 months after the breakdown of a previous relationship had left her on the streets and had just one previous caution on her record for theft.

Ms Roberts went on to say how Evans hadn’t worked for ten years, and said that was concerning due to the fact she had a £50 a day drug habit to fund.

Despite her problems, Evans, who has a ten-year-old daughter she hasn’t seen for more than three years, would welcome some intervention, she added.

Emma Simoes, defending, said how her client had never really had the chance to have the help of the probation service, but because she was now “in the system” would hopefully get the help she needed.

Ms Simoes added how Evans’ five year dependency on both crack and heroin could hopefully come to an end thanks to the likely intervention.

Deputy District Judge Huw Edwards, told Evans that her early guilty pleas were important and how she was at the beginning of a pattern of behaviour because of her drug use.

She was given a 12 month community order, which includes a six month drug rehabilitation programme, fined £50, and must pay the Co-op £40 in compensation.