A WOMAN who laughed and refused to give police a breath sample after crashing her partner’s car was disqualified from driving at the time.

Tannia Bremner, of Dovey Close, Flint, was banned for drink driving in July last year and had gone to a Christmas party at a friend’s house on December 28.

Despite having every intention of staying the night events took a turn for the worse when Bremner’s partner was attacked by another guest because he was from the Liverpool area.

Anouska Youds, prosecuting, told Mold Magistrates Court how two neighbours heard shouting outside at around 3am, and when they looked out of the window, saw the blue Ford Fusion, with its brakes screeching and engine revving.

The neighbours then saw a male try and open the driver’s door of the car, before it sped off, only for them to hear a loud crash just moments later.

Ms Youds explained how Bremner had driven the car no more than 60 metres before she collided with a parked vehicle, with the resulting shunt causing that stationary car to collide with several others, with a total of four being damaged.

As Bremner got out of the car, she was heard by other witnesses saying, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’ll pay for all the damage”, before admitting she was actually banned from driving.

When police arrived at the scene, Bremner “laughed and refused to give them a sample” before admitting to them she was drunk and providing a positive road side test.

However, due to the injuries she suffered in the collision, Bremner was taken to Wrexham Maelor Hospital and although she received treatment, nurses could not take a sample of blood to provide evidence that she was actually drink driving, so no further action was taken in relation to that charge.

Bremner admitted to driving whilst disqualified and also for having no insurance.

Alun Williams, defending, said there had clearly been some aggravating features in the case, especially due to the fact Bremner had failed a road side test, despite the fact no formal procedure was carried out.

He explained how Bremner, who works as a carer for her former partner’s mother, normally acts responsibly.

She had every intention of staying over at her friends house he said, but circumstances changed when her partner was attacked and they decided to leave as quickly as possible.

Michael Jones, Chair of the Magistrates told Bremner the matter had “crossed the custody threshold” but said that because of her remorse and the fact she was the mother of three children, he was willing to suspend any sentence.

He handed Bremner a three month sentence, suspended for 12 months, during which time she must work with the Probation service and complete 12 days of rehabilitation.

She was also banned from driving for two years.