A SPORTING community has been left 'disgusted' over the increasing issue of dog fouling on a town's playing field.

Chairman of Connah's Quay Cricket Club, Nick Pratt said it is 'frustrating' having to clean up after other people and described it as being a 'thorn in your side'.

He told the Leader: "It has been an issue for a while but it's progressively got worse over the last few months.

"We are a dog friendly club and the majority of dog owners are respectful. They stay off the marked part of the field and walk around Central Park but some are coming to the club and letting their dogs run around and not fulfilling their obligation of responsible dog owners by picking up their dogs mess.

"In the summer we are going to have a lot of children come up to play and the pre match coaches will need to walk the entire field to ensure there's nothing there.

"It becomes a pain for us because we then have to pickup after someone else's dog.

"We are trying to give children the opportunity to come down and play cricket, enjoy their time with friends and stop wondering the streets getting up to no good. But this is like a thorn in your side."

Nick said the issue is reported on a daily basis to himself.

He added: "The grounds keeper is reporting it to me on a daily basis and I can see why he gets frustrated.

"Please just put your dog on a lead. We have a massive green space right in the middle of Connah's Quay, it's lovely, so let's keep it that way.

"We are proud of our club and the work we put into it, we want it to stay that way.

"It's frustrating and disgusting. It's not difficult to go out with a poo bag and pick up after your dog.

"We are looking forward to playing in the summer. Hopefully we can do it on a dog mess free pitch."

Junior training sessions will be held on a Friday and those who are interested can contact Nick on 07739 363933.