A FAMILY were left ‘astonished’ by generous donations made at the funeral of a man who fostered more than 100 children.

The funeral of David Oldfield, of Shotton, was held on December 23 which saw over 200 people turn up to pay their respects.

The 81-year-old on December 7, after suffering from a brain haemorrhage.

Donations made at the funeral saw over £660 which was then split between the Deeside Community Hospital and Walton.

The Leader:

Renee Morris, Matron Cheryl Froom, June Nixon, Alice Oldfield, Brendan Oldfield, Irene Ireland and Sister Jan Williams

Son Brendan Oldfield said: The funeral was unbelievable, the church was completely full, with people standing at the back, and some people couldn't even get into the church. Because there were so many people attending that day looking for somewhere to park, Shotton was virtually grid locked, and a number of people didn't make the start, and hence couldn't get in. We estimate over 200 people.

“We catered for 100 people, but got them to add an extra 50 heads, which still wasn't enough, as me Mum and my brother didn't get to eat anything at all. It was all good though, and as good as funeral could be.”

On Friday, January 10 Brendan donated the funds to Deeside Community Hospital.

He said they chose Walton due to the ‘fantastic care’ his dad received in his final days and for ‘keeping him alive’.

They also chose Deeside Community Hospital to distribute ‘straight back into the community’.

He added: “We had no expectations of how much we would raise but we really were astonished.

“We chose Deeside Community Hospital because it’s people directly affected in the local community.

“Although dad didn’t have any direct contact with this hospital, it’s being local and put back into the community.”

The Leader:

David and his wife Alice received an MBE for their work in foster care, after caring for over 125 children in over 25 years.

The couple began fostering in 1989 and were awarded the MBE in 2013, where they met Prince Charles.

Brendan said: “I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone for their generosity and for coming along. Money is hard to come by at the moment but it’s also going to a good cause.

“Dad would have been gutted that he wasn’t there to see it and the amount of people there. But also absolutely humbled at how much was raised, none of us expected what we received.

“We really would like to give a big thanks to the funeral directors, they did a fantastic job with decorum and respect, it was amazing.”

Brendan is urging residents to donate to the local cause, which helps those in the community.

He said: “When we went to donate the money, it reinforces just how important it is to raise funds.

“If people can help them in any way, please do.

“Dave will always remain in your memories – as you remember his love for his family and his willingness to help out whenever he could.

“You will remember with affection things about Dave that made you laugh and the many times that he brought a smile to your face.

“In all of this we will know what a privilege it has been to have known Dave and to have shared our life with him.”