COUNCILLORS in Caia Park were asked by the local policing team to help secure time with a popular drug searching dog.

The question arose during the monthly council meeting where PC Kerry Evans asked members of the community council if they would be willing to contribute to the funding of popular police dog Rufus, a canine who works with both Cheshire and North Wales Police to sniff out drugs.

PC Evans explained to the council that Rufus is specially trained to scan for drugs and will sit at the feet of whoever he smells the substances on. She adds that members of the council may have seen Rufus on social media in the past but is shared with forces across both North Wales and Cheshire as part of the police alliance.

PC Evans told the meeting: “Drugs are a constant issue on our streets and I think that by securing time with this dog we have a real chance of cracking down on issues that would otherwise pass us by. Rufus is well trained and the only dog of this kind across Cheshire and North Wales, which is why he is so popular and travelling all over the place with his handler.

She asked for the council to support them with a donation of £100 to secure four visits from Rufus throughout the year. This would ensure that Caia Park, along with other paying community councils such as Acton and Borras, would be given an allocated time to target problem areas with Rufus.

Councillors were unanimous in supporting the officers in their bid to take further action against illegal drugs ruining the image of Caia Park.

Chair of the council, Cllr Malcolm King, questioned if the £100 requested was a cost per visit but PC Evans said was a total for the year – working out at £25 per visit, a figure she said could reduce if more councils were to contribute funding for bringing Rufus to problem areas in Wrexham.

To report any issues directly to the Caia Park policing team, call PC Evans on 07896 171914.