CONCERNS have been raised over offensive graffiti on a town’s playing field.

The Leader has previously reported that vandals sprayed the walls at the 33 Club in Shotton, one of which is a resident’s home.

However, at their monthly meeting, Cllr Mike Evans said during the Christmas period there has been more graffiti in the area.

The Leader was later told that one of the symbols contained a swastika.

Cllr Evans told members that the graffiti keeps appearing, and someone attends the next morning to clean it off, but no-one knows who or why.

He said: “We had more graffiti over the Christmas period which was then removed.

“We are not getting to the bottom of it. Saturday morning there was graffiti on the resident’s wall, Sunday afternoon it’s gone. A person is turning up in a van and getting dropped off and getting rid of the graffiti but no one, the police, probation, no one knows anything about it whatsoever.

“We have got to get to the bottom of it unfortunately the 33club is a mess if we can get hold on paint, you can buy certain graffiti paint, if we can purchase the paint I’m prepared to go and paint it. It’s just a matter of washing it off, it’s not cheap.”

However, Cllr Elwyn Jones raised concerns of using chemicals where there is public access including children and dog.

The town council voted in favour of pricing up the graffiti paint in a bid to keep their area clean.

Concerns were also raised over the lighting of fires on the Summerfield’s Carpark joining Connah’s Quay and Shotton.

Cllr Rob Dowie said: “I know it’s not our responsibility, but Brook Road is our concern and the people there are saying they can see fires there. They are really concerned. It’s a case of saying, is something being done to help these people and remove them from the threat of locals.”

Clerk Susan Cartwright said she would inform Inspector Gareth Cust of the North Flintshire policing team.