A NUDE calendar has been launched in time for Christmas in order to raise funds for a Flintshire counselling charity.

HeadQuarters Men's Hairdressing in Mold came up with the idea to raise awareness of men's mental health and support The Counselling Hub, which was set up to offer counselling for those who cannot access a private service.

The "HeadQuarters Hunks" 2019 calendar features a Flintshire man posing with some carefully placed props for each month, with themes including Easter, Christmas, Halloween and more.

Natasha Harrison, owner of HeadQuarters, said she wanted to do something about men's mental health because she had been aware of a number of male suicides in Flintshire over recent years.

She said: "We had the idea from the film Calendar Girls - we wanted to tweak it so we made it the HeadQuarters Hunks.

"I put an appeal on Facebook to ask for men too take part and it reached about 15,000 people.

"The majority of the men in the calendar are customers, but there were some I had never met and they got in touch on Facebook.

"Nobody has charged us anything for the production of the calendar - they will cost £10 each and 100 per cent of the money will go to the counselling hub.

"There has been a slight delay but Print Centre Wales has worked through the night so we can sell some of the calendars on Saturday (December 14).

"It has had a big response and I think that is because it (mental health) is a subject which is close to home for a lot of people in this area and they will be able to see that the money will go towards helping local people.

"They will be on sale here at HeadQuarters and also at the Counselling Hub's new store, the old Clays Shop (in Wrexham Street)."

She said there will be a total of 250 calendars produced and she hopes they can all be sold before Christmas.

Paula Ringeval, founder of the Counselling Hub, said the calendars will also be available from Iron Asylum Gym.

She told the Leader she was delighted at the idea, adding: "They will make great Christmas presents.

"We'd like to say thanks and fair play to the lads - Jordan Culley, Callum Foster, Neil Maddocks, Josh Jones, Jac Phillips, Ali McHugh, Owen Evans, Gary Hammersley, Gary Bevan, Danny Johnson and Dan Finnegan.

"It has to have taken some doing, stripping off starkers and having your photo taken. It shows it means a lot to people.

"We'd also like to thank HeadQuarters, Natasha Harrison, Gemma Harrison, Lee Harrison, Print Centre Wales, Iron Asylum and Alec Lawley."