DELYN has gone back to its original roots as the 2019 General Election saw a long standing Labour MP beaten by his Tory rival.

Labour candidate David Hanson had been MP for 27 years after being elected in 1992, however he was unsuccessful in retaining his seat.

Delyn had been one constituency targeted by Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his party, as he needed more seats to secure his majority.

This appears to be successful as Rob Roberts celebrated his win with 16,756 of the votes.

In his speech he congratulated David Hanson for his time serving the constituency but said the people of Delyn wanted “change” and things will change moving forward.

Mr Roberts went on to say he intend to ‘fulfil’ the wishes of his constituents to the ‘best of his ability’.

Delyn was originally Conservative on its creation with Keith Raffan from 1983 - 1987 until Mr Hanson begin his reign of power over the constituency.

In 2017, Delyn kept its red status with 52.2 per cent (20,573) of the vote.

However Mr Hanson received 15,891 votes. Losing his majority.

In his speech he congratulated Mr Roberts and said it has been a ‘privilege’ to have done the job for as long as he did and will ‘miss it tremendously’.

He stood by his decision on Brexit, saying it was a bad idea and questions were raised over whether this had cost him his vote. However Mr Hanson said he remains true to his principles and says it is a ‘bad idea’.

Rivals Andrew Pankhurst for the Liberal Democrats received 2,346 voted, Nigel Williams for the Brexit Party recieved 1,971 and Paul Rowlinson for Plaid Cymru received 1,406.