CHILDREN in Queensferry have been asked to design a star this Christmas.

Staff at Check Communications are once again asking pupils at Queensferry Primary School to design a star for their Christmas Tree that they have planted in a bid to be eco-friendly.

The tree is placed outside this offices in Queensferry.

The wining design will also be placed on the Christmas cards that they hand out to all customers.

Cara Pepper, for Check Communications, sad: “Every year we send out Christmas cards to our lovely customers.

“This year we want to send out a very special card with your design on it. We’re going to use the best design to print onto our cards, but that’s not all.

“This year we're being eco-friendly and we've planted a baby Christmas tree outside of our

offices at Queensferry.

“We're going to need a lovely little star to put on top of our tree and so the winning design is also going to be featured on top of our baby tree.”

The winners will be announced next week.