A LOCAL football club gives back to the community in a bid to help hundreds of families this Christmas.

Members of the Connah's Quay Tigers have been collecting items since October to donate to the Flintshire Foodbank.

This is the second year the club has done so and it is hoped to become an annual tradition.

Coach Steve Bennett said: "I thought it would be nice for us to carry on doing it, it's just something nice to do. It's something I hope to do every year now.

"It gives the children a bit of understanding that there's people out there less fortunate than themselves. It's important for them to realise some people need help.

"We are in a very privileged position, we can afford food and toiletries.

"For the children doing this, they are understanding that there are people who can't. That is why we wanted the children to not only collect, but drop the items off themselves."

The Leader:

The children were taken on a tour of the warehouse to see how it works behind the scenes and were told just how much families rely on donations.

Steve added: "It was humbling to see how much effort goes into it and they rely on donations.

"I think the boys had their eyes opened and they were shocked with how much people rely on the foodbank.

"We collected a lot and it opened our eyes to them struggling in the summer also so we are going to do another collection then.

"We have asked for help from the public in the past so it's fair that we do something for the public too."