PARENTS have hit back following residents of a Wrexham street taking a stand against ‘thoughtless parking’ during the school run by chaining off their street.

The Leader has previously reported that Mark Stephens claims that disabled and elderly Thomas Court residents were left feeling ‘like prisoners in their own homes’ due to blocked driveways during the morning and afternoon school run at Ysgol Bodhyfryd and when asking parents to move, residents are met with abuse.

But parents have disputed that and that something needs to be done about the whole situation.

Leanne Braifdell, 34, spoke to the Leader about how she usually walks her 10-year-old son Ethan to the school but occasionally drives.

Leanne said that her son is autistic and has ADHD. This means he has no road sense and getting him to school safely is her priority.

She said: “There are 90 per cent of parents who park there legally. There are a few who do take advantage and I understand the frustration over that.

“But that’s not most of us – we don’t park over drives, on double or single yellow lines over the pavement. There are no other options for us to park anywhere else. We need an alternative, otherwise there is nothing else we can do.”

Jason Jones, 31, told the Leader that this obstruction will not solve the situation and that blocking the parking from Thomas Court simply moves the issue elsewhere, forcing parents to park in places that may cause further obstruction.

Heather Hughes, 34, also commented: “There is never been an issue about it until now. There is no other parking anywhere else. I ensure I adhere to the highway code and park where there are no restrictions, so I park legally.

“We are not making people prisoners in their own homes, we are not doing anything that is obstructing them.”

Alex Buckley, 32, said: “There are not many Welsh schools in Wrexham and people come from all around to bring their children here. With limited parking here they need to get their children in safely. Most parents park legally – I have spoken to residents in the road and they don’t have a problem with it.”

Concerned parents that witnessed the chain stretched across the entrance to Thomas Court, but did not wish to be named, had their say whilst collecting children.

One said: “I understand why the residents are doing this as it would annoy me if people were taking advantage of my property but they are not the only ones affected, this is an issue that must happen up and down the country when living so close to a school.”

Another added: “It’s ridiculous that it has come to this. It is by no means illegal for people to stop here If they do so with consideration. This won’t solve the issue because if the street gets chained off again then the parents who do this will just park elsewhere and move the problem to another nearby street.”

A third thought: “Something needs to be done about the situation as the road can be a death trap some days with rushing parents speeding to get their kids in before they head off to work. A child is going to get hurt one day.