LABOUR will go "absolutely flat out" until the polls close on Thursday, Jeremy Corbyn told a rally of hundreds of supporters in North Wales.

The Labour leader, speaking at Bangor University to about 400 party supporters and activists urged them to get out and knock on doors to win an "early Christmas present" of a Labour government.

Speaking in the ultra-marginal Arfon constituency, held by Plaid Cymru with a majority of just 92 ahead of Labour in 2017, he said: "It is the Labour Party all across Wales that's winning in this election because we have got people on the ground, door knocking and listening to people."

To thunderous applause Mr Corbyn promised a Labour government would transform the country, ending austerity and the "cruel" Universal Credit benefit system.

He told supporters he was "fed up" of food banks and zero hours contracts and the price of austerity being paid by the poorest in society. And he again warned of the peril of a Tory government for the health service, saying: "Our NHS is not for sale."

Mr Corbyn said: "The basic thing is, what is our future to be?

"Don't you want a government that actually values everybody in our society?

"The great traditions of our movement, the movement that fought for a right to vote, fought for a national insurance system, that fought for education, for council housing, for the rights of women to vote, to end racism and discrimination in our society.

"A movement that has achieved so much and I think our crowning achievement has been the National Health Service.

"I want to lead a government that transforms things. I want to lead a government that empowers people "So when you're working, knocking on doors in the rain, yes it's raining again I'm sure, over the next few days, remember what you are doing it for.

"You are doing it for the next generation, you are doing it to change the course of political history in Britain.

"Go flat out until 10 o'clock on Thursday, then on Friday - an early Christmas present."

Mr Corbyn, who spent much of yesterday in south Wales, was on Sunday touring more marginal seats, with two further campaign visits in North Wales later today.

Later Mr Corbyn travelled up the North Wales coast to speak to another 200 or so supporters at the village hall in Llanfairfechan in the Aberconwy constituency, a Labour/Tory marginal, held by Boris Johnson's party in 2017 by just 635 votes.

He completed his day of campaigning with a third visit and speech at Colwyn Bay Leisure Centre, in the Clwyd West constituency, which the Tories hold over Labour with a majority of 3,437.

The Labour leader again implored supporters to get out, knock on doors and talk to voters right up until polls close at 10pm next Thursday.