The Leader:

Sarah Atherton - Conservative

The campaign trail is going well and having spent the past few months on the doorstep speaking to residents, it is clear the people of Wrexham want us to get Brexit done, so we can move on to focus on local issues: our town centre, our NHS, affordable housing, cracking down on crime and getting the best for Wrexham from the North Wales Growth Deal.

Many former Labour voters do not have faith in Corbyn’s leadership.

His stance on Brexit ignores the people of Wrexham, who voted overwhelmingly to leave the EU, over three years ago.

Further, his spending plans are unlike anything we’ve ever seen and will leave our economy in ruin, again.

Already the Welsh Labour Government is planning tax rises which will hit every hardworking taxpayer.

Whereas the Conservatives will freeze taxes and reduce National Insurance.

In an historic military town like Wrexham it is no surprise that people have raised concerns about his stance on the military.

He has consistently failed to support our armed forces and is a threat to our national security.

He should not be leader of our great country.

People realise there is no such thing as a free lunch.

We’re faced with a choice between a Corbyn Government which will lead to further Brexit delay, reckless spending directly affecting hardworking taxpayers; or a sensible Government led by Boris Johnson, who will deliver Brexit and allow you to keep more of your hard earned money.

The Leader:

Tim Sly - Liberal Democrat

After studying at Swansea University, I worked in the chemical industry for many years before founding the technology company which I still run today I’ve been active in politics for many years and as a local councillor I built up a lot of experience. in areas such as planning, housing and education. I was involved in the regeneration of a run-down estate to create high quality affordable homes and I served as a school governor for over 25 years.

I have a reputation as someone who gets things done. I want to use that energy to help build a better future for Wrexham.

I live in a small village near Wrexham with my wife Barbara, who works for the health service. We have a grown-up daughter who also works in healthcare. Their work has helped to give me an insight into some of the key issues facing the health service. today I want to see a big increase in NHS funding for Wales and ensure that we invest much more in the treatment of mental health. which is often seen as the poor relation for NHS provision.

Three years on from the referendum, we know much more about the terrible impact Brexit will have on British manufacturing. Wales has a much larger proportion of manufacturing jobs than the rest of the UK. so it will be hit hardest.

In Wrexham, we have the largest industrial area in Wales, home to many businesses that will be impacted by Brexit. as investment is cut and manufacturing is moved abroad, resulting in lost jobs.

I want to stop Brexit and help preserve and grow the many high-skill jobs. that depend on the continued success of local industry.

The Leader:

Carrie Harper - Plaid Cymru

My name is Carrie Harper and I’ve lived in Wrexham my whole life. I decided to stand in this election as I believe we need to sweep out the old and bring in the new.

Most people I speak to in Wrexham tell me how much they want to see change, whether at the local council, the Senedd or at Westminster. The truth is we will only get that change when we start voting for it and this election is a huge opportunity for us to do just that by supporting Plaid Cymru.

I’ve been a councillor for Plaid Cymru since 2008 and have worked on a wide variety of local campaigns and issues.

The political landscape has changed dramatically over the last few years and this election is also an opportunity for us to make sure Wales’ voice is heard in London. It’s clear, for instance, that Scotland has been incredibly successful in getting its priorities higher up the agenda at Westminster since they ditched Labour and started voting for their national party. We need to do the same in Wales and fight our own corner, I’m passionate about doing that.

The Leader:

Ian Berkeley-Hurst - Brexit Party

From market trader selling flowers to business in Japan and onto practising solicitor having read law at Exeter University as a mature student. I have latterly worked with local authorities and children issues. My experience is varied, from manual work building houses to advising clients facing legal issues.

I live with my partner, a son aged three, and my daughter age nine. Together my partner and I look after my mother who lives well with late stage vascular dementia at home with us. My 19-year-old son is at university and my oldest child is completing post graduate studies. Called to the Bar - barrister non-practising.

Why Wrexham? It is my children’s and my partner’s home town. Grandma lives here, grandfather is buried here in Wrexham. Many of our family members live, here including my partners sister and husband. If elected moving our young family to Wrexham will give us all great opportunities: from the beautiful countryside around to the vibrant life in Wrexham.

The Leader:

Mary Wimbury - Labour

I am your Labour and Co-Operative Party candidate for Wrexham.

The election locally will be a two-horse race between Labour and the Tories - so a vote for anyone other than me means a Tory MP for Wrexham.

In the last 10 years, Wrexham town centre has gone backwards due to Tory austerity.

So my first pledge to you is a Town Centre Summit to tackle homelessness and build on good moves like the Town Square Business Hub, Techniquest Science Centre and Ty Pawb to help create a vibrant town centre. We have talent to turn Wrexham round, but the Tories running local government here have no vision. For example, they have music in a town where, with Focus Wales and the Vic, music is an asset.

I have met the metro mayors for Liverpool and Greater Manchester to build on the new direct Liverpool rail service to help bring more people to Wrexham for our festivals and events, and to serve our strengthening businesses around the town. I believe in improving environmentally-friendly ways of travelling, as part of tackling climate change.

On Brexit, I feel the best way forward is to put a deal back to people and let you decide.

I am a mother-of-three, married to a Welsh speaker and have learned Welsh myself. I currently work in social care for a Wales-wide organisation based in Wrexham. I am passionate, determined and ambitious for Wrexham.

Vote for me on December 12 to reverse Tory austerity in Wrexham and help build a brighter future for our area.

The Leader:

Duncan Rees - Green Party

Duncan has lived in Wrexham for 24 years, and is married with two children. Originally from Cardiff, he moved to North Wales to take up a job as community and PR manager for the Co-op.

He is involved in a number of local organisations - including the Llangollen to Corwen railway, the cycling charity Sustrans. and the group campaigning for improvements to the Wrexham-Bidston rail service Duncan has stood for the Green Party in several elections, including at the 2015 general election in Clwyd South, and as lead list candidate for North Wales in the 2016 Wales Assembly elections.

His priorities include:

• NHS & Social care - Substantial funding increases - improvements to hospitals, reductions in waiting times, more funding for nurses and doctors and increasing GP numbers. Opposition to privatisation of NHS services.

• The need for more investment in public transport locally and regionally, including improving local rail services, better bus services with lower fares and providing more safe routes for pedestrians and cyclists.

• More jobs with a decent living wage + to help people avoid falling into “waged poverty”

• The issue of climate change - which will fundamentally change everyone’s lives unless we take urgent action now! The Green Party is proposing a £100 billion per year budget to tackle this crisis, including investment in renewable energy and new jobs.

He says “Our message is: For the real Green deal, including the economy, climate change and our communities. Vote for what you believe in, accept no substitutes, vote Green!”