PRIME Minister Boris Johnson arrived in Clwyd South vowing to complete a mission he began there 22 years ago - to see a Conservative MP voted in to represent the constituency.

He made the confession - recalling his electorial debut in 1997 when he trailed almost 14,000 behind the victorious Labour MP Martyn Jones in the newly-formed constituency - during his launch of the Welsh Conservative Manifesto in Bangor on Dee.

He arrived at Bangor-on-Dee Racecourse, bounding from his car, and eagerly shaking hands with members of the Welsh Conservative part, including party leader in the National Assembly for Wales Paul Davies, Clwyd West Assembly Member Darren Millar, and parliamentary candidates.

The Leader:

He told party members: "It's fantastic to be here in Clwyd South. A fulfilment of a lifetime's mission."

He added: "I started this project 22 years ago.

"I hope very much to get a Conservative MP returned for Clwyd South."

The Leader:

He added that it was vital to get a Conservative elected in Clwyd South, but asked the audience to forgive him as he could not remember the name of candidate Simon Baynes.

"It's a great manifesto," the Prime Minister told the audience. But, in truth, he was preaching to the converted with party members cheering his promises to "get Brexit done" and "Unleash Wales' potential".

The Leader:

He was also applauded for his use of Welsh terms - saying he had a Brexit deal that just needed to be put in the popty-ping (a word said, usually jokingly and by non-Welsh speakers, to be the Welsh for microwave) to be ready as soon a January.

In his introduction to the manifesto, available in both English and Welsh, Mr Johnson used the term "get Brexit done" eight times.

He promised investment in Welsh technology, law enforcement, and the health service, and locally to improve the A55 North Wales Expressway connecting Chester and Holyhead.

A Conservative government will boost key infrastructure in Wales as part of a commitment to improving connectivity across the UK, claims the manifesto.

As well as a commitment to upgrading the A55, the manifesto promises to give financial support for delivering the M4 relief road.

The M4 motorway - which Mr Johnson compared to the blocked nostrils of Wales' dragon - connects London to Swansea and is the only motorway in Wales.

Mr Johnson said: “Only the Conservative Party can deliver opportunity and ensure Welsh infrastructure and public services get the funding they need. Corbyn’s Labour offer Wales deadlock and division in another two referendums in 2020 and unlimited and uncontrolled immigration.

“We are levelling up across the UK and investing across Wales. To unleash our domestic agenda and deliver our exciting plans for Wales, we need a Conservative majority government elected to get Brexit done, ending the dither and delay and moving on to focus the priorities of people across Wales.”