A HOLYWELL pub aims to become a ‘community hub’ after raising funds for charity.

The Druid Inn in Gorsedd recently held a Makers Market in a bid to bring the community together and raise funds for charity.

The event was organised by landlords Sarah and Cliff Elson and saw dozens of people attend to see the variety of local market stalls on offer.

Sarah’s Sister Nicky Kilnan, who helped organise the event, said: “It was to try and bring the community together.

“With the cold months creeping in we just wanted to try and get the locals involved in a community event, even if it was just for one hour.

“It went really well, everyone said it was really good. It’s something they want to expand on and do year on year. This was the first one they’ve done and so we were just gauging the response.

“It was amazing. They want it to be more of a community hub rather than a pub. They do Welsh lessons in there as well; it’s about thinking outside the box because you know how difficult it is with pubs these days.”

Stalls included cake stalls, jams, crafts and textiles and even gourmet mushrooms, which is something the pub will soon be offering to the public.

Funds from the tickets will be donated to the Women’s Refuge in Holywell and money made on the raffle will be donated to the Royal British Legion and a cancer North West charity.

Nicky added: “The Women’s Refuge in Holywell is donation reliant, they are not funded and we thought it would be really nice to do something for that.

“We held a raffle as well which was being split between the Royal British Legion, because Cliff the landlord is ex forces, and a cancer North West Charity because we have a friend going through a tough time at the moment.”