A WREXHAM-based training company has pledged to continue providing free life training sessions.

Litegreen LTD pledged to keep on providing ‘First Aid for Free’ community training sessions throughout 2020 after early popularity.

Throughout the autumn, Wrexham Enterprise Hub has been visited by First Aid trainers from Litegreen LTD for their ‘First aid for free’ community CPR training sessions, focusing on both adult and child lifesaving skills.

Sessions were originally held in support of National Restart a Heart day in October and members of the public were trained in how to carry out CPR and use a defibrillator, further sessions took place on November 2 focusing on baby and child choking and CPR.

Both sessions were well attended and provided practical opportunities with Annie dolls, choking vests, material on useful apps and where to find the nearest defibrillator as well as how to deliver Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and shocks to the heart with a training defibrillator.

David Walker, director of Litegreen said: “When we first put on the events we were unsure of what the apatite was like.

"There is no requirement to attend a training course like there might be with your job, but right from the get-go on both days people were at the door first thing, ready to take time out of their busy lives to share their stories and build up their lifesaving confidence. It shows how important this is to people."

During each session, also supported by the British Heart Foundation, members of the public recounted personal stories and experiences, highlighting that a First Aid emergency really can happen to anyone at any time.

Shanone Towers, director of Litegreen added: “By ensuring more local people have these skills and are not afraid to use them if they do find themselves in a first aid emergency, we can hopefully improve more positive stories like the ones we’ve heard already and assist in making the local community more resilient, hopefully increasing the number of people ready to step forward and intervene."

Currently, less than one in 10 people in the UK survive a cardiac arrest while out of hospital. Chances of survival double when someone gives immediate CPR and significantly increases further when a defibrillator is used.

Mr Walker added: “If putting on more free sessions means that at some point in the future one local person is helped, then it is worth it.

"That could even be myself or my own friends and family. The reaction to our ‘First aid for free’ has been so good we already have a date confirmed with the Enterprise Hub for February 7, 2020 for the next one as well as various free sessions with Scout groups off the back of what we have done here.”