A FLINT primary school has rallied around members of their community affected by recent flooding.

Following a fruitful harvest collection, Ysgol Gwynedd’s school council decided to donate the food they collected to the residents of Bollingbroke Heights in Flint.

The Leader previously reported that, in the early hours of October 20, North Wales Fire and Rescue Service were called to the tower block near the centre of Flint where water was discovered to be cascading down through the building from the tank situated on the roof.

The incident affected a number of flats on the upper levels, leaving people without power and forcing several residents to evacuate their homes.

Dewi Wyn Hughes, the school headteacher, said: "When the news reached the school about the flood it was the school council representatives who asked if the food collection could be donated to them. This is such a generous gesture from them and just goes to show the level of community pride that we have as a school.

“We usually donate what we gather from our harvest food collection to the local food bank but it was one of our cleaning staff who lives in the block, who was not badly affected, but was able to tell us about residents that were left without power and how they lost all food from their fridges and freezers.”

Mr Hughes said he was proud of the children - who backed the idea when it was raised at a recent school council meeting and said it was heartwarming to see the community of Flint looking out for one another.

Cllr Ian Roberts, leader of the council, said: “I think this is a wonderful gesture by the children of Ysgol Gwynedd. I understand that the children themselves asked for this to happen and I am sure that these items will be gratefully received.”

Cllr Michelle Perfect, who represents the Coleshill area, said that this gesture was akin to ‘a ray of sunshine on an otherwise cloudy day’.

She said: “Some residents were left with nothing that day and this gesture by the children is great. I'd also like to take this oppourtunity to thank the emergency services and council staff who worked tirelessly to help resolve the situation as quickly as possible at Bollingbroke Heights.”