A FLINTSHIRE woman who suffered a close family bereavement due to poor health has been inspired to shed nine stone in weight.

Ezme Rutherford-Hallam, from Holywell, lost the incredible amount of weight after her sister died of heart failure.

The Weight Watches member, 40, started her weightloss journey in January 2017, months after her sister's death.

She said: "I lost my dad and then two years later lost my sister. My sister died of heart failure.

"She had been overweight and suffered health complications as a result for years - her death was a real wake up call."

Ezme said a simple combination of increased exercise and a healthier diet was all it took - but she praises Weight Watches for its support.

She said: "I can still eat the foods I love, like Chinese and pizza but in smaller portions and with less regularity.

"Weight Watches is incredibly supportive - with the app I use to connect to get motivation and inspiration from fellow members.

"And I get support from my coach and my local workshop."

Ezme says she now loves going to the gym, and also that zumba has and continues to be a brilliant way to get in shape.

She said: "Both those things I never thought I’d do, let alone enjoy. So I'd encourage people to get out there and give it a go - you may love it."

"I love that Weight Watchers is a three-pillar plan. They don’t just focus on weight loss, but also on exercise and mindset - so I now feel so much more confident."