THE fight continues against flytipping across a Flintshire town.

Cllr Sean Bibby, vice chair of Shotton town council, confirmed CCTV has been placed in Salisbury Street in a bid to combat the issues on the road.

The camera was previously placed in Butler Street, a heavy hotspot for flytipping and dog fouling.

Cllr Sean Bibby said: "CCTV camera now up in Salisbury Street, deterring fly tipping in the notorious hotspot at the top of the street. It will also appear to help with some of the problems of anti social behaviour too.

"In Flintshire County Council Environment Committee I asked for more cameras in other locations, it worked well in Butler Street."

The Leader has previously reported concerns over the cameras and whether it would capture the culprits who are leaving their rubbish and letting their dog foul in the alleyway.

Cllr Mike Evans added: "I'm hoping they worked. I did think part of having cameras up was to catch the culprit and name and shame them as well.

"When the camera was up in Butler Street, it did make a difference. We had one blip and it's not 100 per cent perfect but it has improved a hell of a lot.

"It made a vast improvement to our flytipping problem and I hope it has the same effect in Salisbury because we are having a lot of drug problems there. I really do hope."