LABOUR'S candidate for the Delyn constituency said voters face a 'battle of values' ahead of next month’s general election.

Launching his campaign to a standing ovation at a packed Flint Town Hall, David Hanson MP said while challenges lay ahead, holding on to the seat for Labour would serve as a commitment to 'the values we represent'.

The Delyn MP thanked members for their continued support, something he said he had 'never taken for granted' adding that being their MP had been 'the greatest honour of my life to represent the party I joined at 17'.

The long-serving candidate described the December 12 vote as the most crucial election and was about more than Brexit, citing issues such as a health, education, fairness and workers’ rights.

Mr Hanson, who was first elected to Parliament in 1992, said he was 'proud and honoured to be the person who carries the flag in this constituency' and returning a Labour government would end Tory administrations that had enforced 10 years of austerity which had 'driven down opportunities and increased poverty'.

He added: “We need to make sure we wake up on December 13 with a Labour MP, but for the values we represent.”

Mr Hanson also received a ringing endorsement from constituency colleague, Hannah Blythyn AM.

The Leader:

Hailing the candidate’s 'tremendous record', the Delyn AM said it was a 'pleasure and a privilege' to stand alongside Mr Hanson and said it was vital for the area that the long-serving candidate was returned to Westminster for the seventh time.

She said: “The Labour government in Wales has delivered for our communities. Imagine what we could do for our communities and our country with a UK Labour government.

“We need a Labour government in Westminster and the only way to deliver that is to ensure David Hanson is returned as our MP.”

Mr Hanson’s credentials were also praised by Paddy Lillis, chair of trade union USDAW.

Addressing the audience of party members, Mr Lillis said Delyn and Wales were 'so fortunate to have a candidate with the calibre and integrity of David Hanson'.

He added: “It’s not going to be an easy fight but let’s make sure we have David Hanson returned to Westminster.”

The deadline to register to vote or to apply for a postal vote is Tuesday. November 26. Postal votes will also be dispatched on this day.

The deadline to apply for a proxy vote is Wednesday, December 4.

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