A GWERSYLLT man made threats of self-harm before he was found by his girlfriend dead at their home, an inquest heard.

Scott Bellis told mental health professionals he wanted to kill himself after lapsing back into alcohol abuse.

His partner, Kelly Stokes, discovered a notepad with the message “I want everyone to dress in white” scrawled on a page and later she found he had been searching for “ways to kill yourself” on a computer tablet.

She saw him lying on the floor in the early hours of the morning of May 29 this year at the property they shared in Aurelius Houses in Gwersyllt, but she assumed he was sleeping the drink off.

When she woke later he had passed away.

Coroner for north Wales (east and central) John Gittins said he couldn’t be certain that Mr Bellis intended to take his own life and recorded an open verdict into the death of the 29-year-old.

Ms Stokes told the Wrexham hearing her partner was “clear of drugs” but was an occasional cannabis user.

But she spoke of his drink problems and told how after he returned from visiting his mother on the day of his death his “temperament changed”.

She said he had asked her for his cash card, even though there was only £7 on it, so he could go to a nearby garage to buy drink.

Ms Stokes said a vanity box in which she kept medication had been moved to the living room.

Tests showed he had consumed 247mg of alcohol in 100ml of blood, nearly three times the drink drive limit, and he had a high amount of an anti-depressant in his blood stream.

The cause of death was reported as cardio-respiratory failure triggered by combined drug toxicity.

His mother, Rosemary Davies, said her son was “living in limbo” and she had tried to get him to come and live with her because he had said “he couldn’t go on with the way his relationship was going”.

“He was a very shy person and he wanted to be a good dad to his son,” she said.

Psychiatric nurse Deborah McMaster tried to persuade Mr Bellis to stay in hospital after he attended Wrexham Maelor two months before his death.

Afterwards he “self-referred” himself to the community drugs and alcohol service, but it was said he was told “he was not drinking enough” to get help.

The coroner said: “There is enough evidence for me to be comfortable that this was not an accident.”

Mr Bellis’ family suffered more tragedy within 24 hours of his death with the death of his brother, Bobby Jones, aged 36.

Of Scott, the coroner said: “This is a guy who has had problems but it is clear to see he was lucky to be supported by you all as a family.”