A PROUD pensioner has transformed his garden to remember the fallen heroes.

Len Jones, of Willow Park in Mancot has once again spent weeks creating a remembrance display in his front garden to remind people to buy a poppy ahead of Armistice Day.

Last year was the first year he dedicated the outdoor space to the fallen heroes and this year he decided to personalise it.

Passers-by can now write down the name of their loved ones who have fought in the war or are currently serving the country.

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The 85-year-old told the Leader: "One lady came down and asked if she could write her brother's name down on a cross and she was made up. She said it was a nice tribute but that's just what we do.

"If anyone does write down a name on the cross, I just ask them next time they see a poppy station to donate some money for the Royal British Legion because it all adds up.

"I just want to remind people to buy a poppy. My brothers fought in the war and they never, ever spoke about it when they came home.

"My uncle also fought in the war and he died at the age of 17, his name is on the cenotaph in Mold and we remember him every year.

"It's a thing that should be kept doing. It's only me on this park that does anything but all of my neighbours appreciate it and they are very supportive of it all."

Mr Jones has been decorating his garden for around ten years for various events including the Six Nations Rugby and Christmas.

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This year, for the Six Nations Rugby, he managed to raise £52 for the Welsh Air Ambulance Service, however, this time he wants people to remember the fallen heroes.

He added: "We are always thinking about the different things we can do in the garden. To me, time is nothing and it costs nothing.

"We recycle goods. If everyone put more time in, we could do more for the community.

"Remembrance should be carried on. I was asked by Hawarden church to make a cenotaph for the children to get them interested because they are learning all about it. That's important."

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