A NEW candidate to represent the Labour Party in Wrexham has tonight been selected for the upcoming election.

Mary Wimbury was selected to run for the position of Wrexham’s MP  

The Leader previously reported that Ian Lucas announced that he will not be standing for reselection at the next election, citing personal and family reasons.

Mr Lucas, who has been the Member of Parliament representative for Wrexham for almost two decades, made the announcement on social media with a letter addressed to his constituents.

In a video posted on Mrs Wimbury’s website, she states the reasons why she wants to become the areas next representative in Parliament.

She said: “Growing up in Thatcher’s Britain, I saw the damage that Tory policies did the people’s opportunities. That is why I joined the Labour Party, to fight for a fairer future and it is still what motivates me now.

“I know the town well, I have got experience as a candidate and I can hit the ground running. I am ready for whenever that General Election is called.

“I have also got experience of getting things done in Westminster. For example, I ran a successful campaign to keep sporting events available on free-to-air television for everyone to watch.”

Mary now works in social care and says that she ‘sees the damage that Tory austerity causes every day’.