A FLINTSHIRE man has been cleared of two charges of assault, after a four-day trial in Mold.

Robertas Abracinskas, 38, of Ffordd Dewi, Oakenholt had denied the charges of sexual assault and assault occasioning actual bodily harm, after an incident in Flint on July 15 last year.

It had been alleged Abracinskas had grabbed the woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, by the breasts, before punching her in the face and throwing her by her pony tail into a coffee table, which had caused a cut to her leg.

Matthew Curtis, prosecuting, told the court how Abracinskas had turned up at the woman’s home uninvited and although she admitted to have known him through a mutual friend and that they had communicated via Facebook, had always denied the pair had had any form of sexual relationship.

However, defence counsel Mark Connor told the jury that the woman was lying and explained how she had only admitting to having a sexual relationship with Abracinskas on the first day of the trial, and had failed to do so when giving four previous statements over the last 15 months.

Mr Connor added the body-worn camera footage of a North Wales Police Officer had provided further evidence of the woman’s denial of any form of sexual relationship, which she said how Abracinskas had been “a family friend” and had “never been a boyfriend”.

Mr Connor also said the woman had lied and twisted the events that had taken place and told the jury how Abracinskas had instead been pushed by the woman as he was standing on one leg trying to put on a shoe, and although he admitted to being drunk, had it was this that caused both him and the woman to fall over together.

Judge Niclas Parry told the jury that he would only accept a unanimous verdict.

Having spent around an hour deliberating its verdict, the jury returned unanimous not guilty verdicts to both of the charges.