A SPECIAL upcoming event will tell the unique 4,000-year history of a Flintshire town.

The ‘Stone Age to Steam Age’ talk will be delivered by local historian Ray Bailey, who will discuss his research and findings into the history of the town of Holywell.

Mr Bailey, who lives in Greenfield and specialises in archaeology and early history, will be delivering his talk to the Holywell and District Society on Saturday, November 2.

However, the talk which will be held at Penbryn Chapel in Holywell is not just limited to society members, with people from the community also being invited to attend.

It is estimated to last for up to two hours, with that time allowing for a question and answer session that will be held afterwards.

Paul Brighton, a founding member of the Holywell and District Society, said: “Ray (Bailey) is also a founding member of the society. He’s been around since we started around ten years ago.

“He is very involved with archaeology and early history, particularly around Roman history, which is something that will be mentioned in his talk as Holywell isn’t far from the old Roman base in Chester.

“Ray has lived in Greenfield for a long time and has contributed a great deal to finding out about local history. It will be a very interesting talk because there’s a lot of antiquity around the area of Holywell.”

The historian Ray Bailey will be presenting his talk on Saturday, November 2, at Penbryn Chapel in Holywell with everyone welcome to attend.

There is free entry for members of the Holywell and District Society, while visitors will have to pay an entrance fee of £3, with a cup of tea and a biscuit included.

For more information, contact the Chair of the Holywell and District Society, Gwaldys Harison, by calling 01352 712748.