THE PUBLIC will be able to take a step back in time this week as Theatr Clwyd stages the world premiere of Mold Riots, by Bethan Marlow.

Marking 150 years since miners stood trial in Mold for attacking their manager after their wages were lowered, the performance will explore how the events impacted on the town and its residents.

Ahead of the production, the first performance of which will take place today, The Leader caught up with community producer Alice Evans and cast member Anne Richards to find out how the ambitious project will be unlike any other recreation of this chapter in Mold's history.

The Leader:

Rehearsals take place in the church, pictured above and below

For starters Mold Riots, directed by Katie Posner, won't be taking place in the traditional theatre setting. It will be unfolding in a number of locations across the town centre including Mold Town Council chamber, the town's cattle market and St Mary's Church.

It also features a cast of 100 people from across Flintshire with a wide range of ages and previous acting experience - alongside actors Gethin Alderman (Robat), Lauren Fitzpatrick (Margaret), Amy Forrest (Ailis), and Kai Owen (David).

The Leader:

Alice Evans said the production had been designed to make the audience feel part of the story.

"It's been an epic organisation and a logistical challenge. Getting everyone on board and on the same page.

"There's a lot that the cast has taken on and I am so impressed at how they have worked together to overcome the challenges - especially those who have never done it before.

"We started rehearsing just on a Sunday, then went up to two evenings and a weekend. For the last two weeks it has been every day and people have loved coming to them.

The Leader:

Cast members rehearse

"We've had a lot of interest from people in the town as well.

"This is the community's story, and the community is telling it.

"The audience will also go on this journey and that's why it is important to do in this way."

Anne Richards, 80, is a former teacher at Ysgol Bryn Gwalia in Mold.

She said she has thoroughly enjoyed the rehearsals and can't wait for the performance, explaining: "It's been a fantastic experience.

The Leader:

100 community cast members from all over Flintshire will be performing. Image: Philip Jones

"The hundred people in the cast are all good friends now - I didn't know anyone at the start but everyone has looked after me.

"And when the professional actors came in there was no separation - we were all together in one group and because of that we strive to support them.

"Theatr Clwyd did do a play about the Mold Riots a few years ago, but this is totally different.

The Leader:

"The locations we have been able to use really do add to the atmosphere.

"It is about the injustices and I think it will really make people think on different levels. "It is an epic experience and it is very emotional.

"If you listen carefully to the script, you really do become part of the experience and the tension - in three areas especially - is palpable.

"You might find yourself taking sides as well."

Of the 100 community cast members, 30 are children from Flintshire schools.

The Leader:

Speaking of their experience on the production, Alice added: "They have been absolutely brilliant. "Being on a professional production is a great experience for them.

"They've worked so hard to mix with the rest of the cast and they are absolutely part of it.

"The cast are a brilliant bunch of people and I'm going to miss them after the production.

"The energy and enthusiasm from these people has been astounding and their talent is amazing.

"It's going to be a fantastic show."

Artistic director of Theatr Clwyd, Tamara Harvey, said: “We’re phenomenally proud to be staging Mold Riots – an incredibly ambitious undertaking, taking place on the High Street and surrounding areas.

"It’s this community’s story, and this piece is very much born of them – with a local cast of over 100 people of all ages, and teams involved in writing, prop and costume making, photography and music, guided and supported by our team and led by the wonderful Katie Posner. This epic promenade production is not simply a piece of history but a story for now.”

This production is Theatr Clwyd’s most ambitious to date, with the wardrobe team making more than 800 items of costume including traditional Welsh clogs, and a specially formed Mold Riots knitting group making coal, shawls and hats for the 100-strong cast who come from all walks of life, from lawyers to electricians, from teachers to the Mayor of Mold.

Mold Riots can be seen in Mold from today (Monday, October 21) until Saturday (October 26) at 7pm.

Tickets, priced from £10 are available from the Theatre Clwyd Box Office on 01352 344101 or at

Mold Riots is suitable for audiences aged 10+.