A WOMAN from Wrexham was told she could have easily been sent to prison after twice taking her aunty’s car without consent.

Jordan Nicole Davies, 24, who gave an address at Coed Aben, appeared at Mold Magistrates Court via custody after a warrant had been issued for her arrest because she had failed to show up at court the previous day.

Ceris Ellis-Jones, prosecuting, told how Davies had taken a car belonging to Cerys Anne Williams on two separate occasions, both times without her permission.

The first happened on May 17 when a visibly upset Davies visited her aunty’s address in Ceiriog Road in Wrexham and asked if she could stay the night because she couldn’t cope with life anymore. Davies was told by Ms Williams that because she had two children living at the home, that wouldn’t be possible. However, when Ms Williams went to put the children to bed, she said she heard a car revving outside and when she went downstairs, saw Davies driving her vehicle away.

Ms Williams initially gave Davies the benefit of the doubt and didn’t report the vehicle being taken to the police until two days later. The vehicle was later located by officers, with Davies behind the wheel, and because she had no insurance, it was impounded with Ms Williams having to pay for it to be released.

The second incident happened two weeks later on May 31 when Davies again turned up at the home of her aunty who, despite letting her stay on this occasion, woke up in the middle of the night to find the keys and car had gone, with the front door to the house left wide open.

On this occasion, the vehicle was returned to its owner after a conversation had taken place via Facebook but when arrested and questioned by police, Davies admitted taking the car but told them she had been given permission to do so.

Philip Jones, Chair of Magistrates, told Davies a community order made in September would now be revoked and she would be re-sentenced. He told her there was numerous and serious charges and that there had been aggravating features, including a breach of trust.

In handing her a 12 weeks prison sentence, suspended for 12 months, Mr Jones ordered Davies to complete 20 rehabilitation activities.

He said: “This is a very serious sentence. I hope you use it as an opportunity to improve your situation and your future. I could have quite easily put you in prison immediately. However, it is quite clear that should you come in front of this court again, it is very likely that suspended sentence will be activated.”

In addition, Davies was also ordered to pay compensation to her aunty of £300 as well as other costs amounting to a total of £735.