This week's animals up for adoption at North Clwyd Animal Rescue feature a bounty of bunnies...

POPPY & LILY: These are 25-week-old babies who came to us with their mum and sister. They are now looking for their forever home with a nice big hutch, run and plenty of toys. They are very inquisitive and love to explore. They had not been handled much before coming to us, so need a confident owner. They have been speyed, microchipped, vaccinated against myxi, rhd1 & rhd2. We are sure this lovely pair are not going to be with us for long.

PRIMROSE & COTTON: Primrose is a gorgeous big speyed female rabbit who came to the rescue with her three daughters. She is now looking for a new home with one of her babies, 25-week-old Cotton. They are both lovely, friendly girls who have been speyed, vaccinated and chipped. As Primrose is a big girl, and Cotton is not much smaller, they are looking for a home with a large hutch and run so they have lots of space to run around in and to play in. We hope someone will come along and fall in love with these two very soon.

RUPERT & BEAR: Both are neutered and vaccinated and are looking for their forever home. They are very sweet bunnies who love to play with their toys and explore their tunnels. They are not keen on being picked up, but will come and sniff around you and interact with you if you spend some time with them. They were house bunnies before coming to us and are well litter trained, so would make fabulous indoor pets.

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