AN ANIMAL charity which rescued a horse almost six months ago has released an update.

Lucky Star was rescued by Ark Angels Animal Rescue earlier this year.

The Saltney-based charity say they were first made aware of the incident where the pony was caught on video that went viral in April, rearing up onto its back legs before collapsing on The Range car park in Queensferry, and later shared on local social media pages.

Several months on, Ark Angels’ Kelly Roberts said: “So Lucky Star has been with us five months now and made wonderful progress. He is a typical youngster, cheeky and inquisitive. He was fully vaccinated, microchipped and we had to apply for his passport, all of which now are under my name.

“He has several other equine friends who he’s bonded amazingly well with. He’s a true little character who has no fear.

“We’re just allowing him to be a happy, normal youngster to play and learn from the other equines under our care.”