FLINTSHIRE MPs have vowed to hold prime minister Boris Johnson to account after the Supreme Court adjudged the prorogation of Parliament to be unlawful.

The Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday that the serving prime minister broke the law and gave the Queen advice which was unlawful.

Therefore his decision to suspend Parliament was also against the law, so is now null and void - with Parliament to reconvene on Wednesday (September 25).

And Flintshire MPs David Hanson, MP for Delyn, and Mark Tami, MP for Alyn and Deeside, have welcomed the Supreme Court's ruling.

David Hanson MP said: "It's a damning indictment for the prime minister to have been found to have unlawfully stopped parliament from meeting.

"Parliament has now been recalled from Wednesday and I will be there to hold Mr Johnson to account for his unlawful act and to hold the government account over the Brexit situation."

Mark Tami MP said he welcomes the decision.

He said: "The Supreme Court has confirmed what everybody knew to be the case. Boris Johnson’s decision to prorogue Parliament when he did, for the length of time that he did, was a blatant attempt to silence Parliament and thwart scrutiny.

"In any normal circumstances, lying to the Monarch would be significant enough to warrant resignation; however, my focus is now getting back to Westminster at the earliest opportunity so I can represent the people of Alyn and Deeside and ensure their voices are heard throughout this process.”

Meanwhile, Wales' First Minister Mark Drakeford said Mr Johnson should now resign following the Supreme Court's decision.