A HOLYWELL hiker has climbed thousands of feet to raise funds for a cause close to his heart.

Jamie Donnelly, of Holywell, challenged himself to climb the Nadelhorn mountain, the highest point on the Nadelgrat in the Pennine Alps, Switzerland, taking two days to complete.

The experienced climber set off from Saas Fee with ‘perfect weather conditions’ before reaching the first hut in 3,340 metres.

He told the Leader that he takes part in activities like this for the Teddy Bear Children Support Charity.

He said: “I arrived a few days before so I could climatize and it took two days to complete.

“The first day started as a trek up the mountain but then it turned into a scramble. It was extremely challenging, I just had to focus.

“It is something that’s outside my comfort zone, but it was very beautiful.”

Jamie took part with his climbing companion James Chapman and when the pair made it to the summit at 9am at 4327m, they placed on display the Teddy Bear Children Support Flag for the camera, video camera and for the public.

The health and fitness instructor said raising funds for the group, which provides funds for the small children's charities that find it difficult to raise funds for themselves, was definitely worth it and has set himself another challenge as soon as possible.