A BARE-CHESTED man jumped out of his home’s second storey window and went on a cocaine and booze-fuelled rampage in a Chester street, a court heard.

Kelvin Hughes, 40, who works as a driver for a Wrexham recycling firm, banged on neighbours’ doors screaming that he had been shot after taking 10 grams of coke and swigging vodka and Fosters lager.

One resident came out to check he was alright, before witnessing Hughes smash the window of his front room, stagger back into some bins and then jump over a three-foot hedge.

Rob Youds, prosecuting at Chester Magistrates Court on Thursday, said shortly afterwards, another neighbour said she had heard an almighty crash from the downstairs living room as her seven-year-old daughter was watching TV before school.

Hughes, of Browning Close in Blacon, who was limping and sporting bandages on both hands in the court dock, was arrested and taken to hospital.

But he returned to the scene at around 7.15pm trying to apologise before once again acting strangely, hiding behind cars and shouting he had been shot.

At court Hughes pleaded guilty to two counts of criminal damage and it was said the combined cost of the damage to the windows was £760.

He had 11 previous convictions for 25 offences, mainly relating to theft and dishonesty matters.

Howard Jones, defending, said the cocktail of drink and drugs had sparked a “paranoid psychotic episode”.

“He can’t believe what he has done,” Mr Jones told the court. “He is ashamed and remorseful. It’s been a wake-up call to him that he needs to sort out this particular problem."

The case was adjourned until October 10 while the probation service compiles a pre-sentence report on Hughes.

Hughes was released on bail until the next hearing on the condition that he does not enter Blacon, does not contact any of the victims, and resides at his mother’s home in Wrexham.