CAN you provide a home for these loving animals who are searching for their fur-ever home?

The furry companions are currently staying at North Clwyd Animal Rescue centre waiting for someone to whisk them away and give them a loving, stable home.

Bertie is only one-year-old and hasn’t had much training or socialisation in his short life. He came to the centre as a stray and sadly nobody came to claim him, so he is looking for his forever home.

He would love a home with active adults who have had experience with energetic, over excitable pups, and who are willing to put lots of time into training Bertie.

As well as lots of exercise and training, Bertie would also benefit from plenty of mental stimulation to ensure he doesn’t become unsettled and bored.

Bertie loves toys and would play all day long if he could! He loves a good charge around in the centre’s off-lead paddock and would dearly love his own garden to play in.

He would be best in a home without other animals, so he can get one-to-one attention to help with his training. This guy has so much potential and would make a fabulous companion.

Have you got room in your heart and your home for Bertie?

Mimi and Louie are two big, handsome boys who have come to us as their owner had to move house and wasn’t allowed pets in their new property.

Louie is 11-years-old and is a remarkably huge tabby cat, and Mimi is 13 years young and is a lovely smokey grey colour.

Mimi is definitely the more confident of the two and is quick to take up residence on a waiting lap!

Louie is a bit more shy but does like to be stroked, and likes to spend time outside, so a good outdoor space is important for him.

They could live with teenagers who would give them space if they want it, or an adult home would be ideal for them. Although they did live with a dog previously, Mimi wasn’t keen on him, so they would prefer to be the only pets in the home.

This duo are really gorgeous and would love a home to call their own, so if you would like to meet them, do come along to the rescue to say hello.

Lola and Jessie are two beautiful guinea pigs who came to the centre when their owners bought a puppy and the pup was terrorising the pigs.

Lola is four-years-old and Jessie is two, and they are a very bonded pair. They are indoor guinea pigs and need the minimum of a 120cm container with lots of toys to keep them occupied.

They love their veggies, with kale being a definite favourite. A dynamic duo who we hope won’t have long to wait for a new home.

For more details on these or animals, either visit North Clwyd Animal Rescue, Maes Gwyn, Glan yr Afon Road, Trelogan, Nr. Holywell, CH8 9BD or call 01745 560546.