COUNCILLORS are in a dilemma after two football dugs outs have been placed on a pitch temporarily loaned to a local club

The problem is at the Brickie off Fairy Road in Wrexham which is now being used by a team from Rhos while its facilities are being refurbished.

County councillor Alun Jenkins explained to members of Offa Community Council that the dug outs were in the middle of the field and local younsters were using them as shelters and after matches a lot of refuse had been left around them.

He said the problem was that it stopped trouble at the rear of houses which back on to the field – which might return if the problem at the dug outs if the problems was solved.

A police officer at the meeting said that there had been a similar problem when a club had been promoted and had to install dugs at their ground – shutters had been put on them and the problem was solved.

Cllr Kevin Hughes said that if the dug outs at the Brickie were locked up, youngsters might think they contained valuables.

The council decided to contact the Rhos club to see if the dug outs problem at The Brickie could be looked at.