Currently mid Netflix binge and in need of a break, I ambled over into scheduled programming, and stumbled onto the new series, Interior Design Masters.

Five minutes in I pretty much knew how this was going to go, I've seen enough TV in my day to recognise the format: a group of would-be 'insert career here' compete in weekly challenges, getting whittled down to our winner, who will disappear never to be heard of again or grace our lives via their own shows and books, seemingly forever.

This is hosted by Fearne Cotton, so from the off you know it's not going to be back-stabbing and screaming, more polite, subtle, passive-aggressive opinion. Of which there was plenty. Not least from regular judge Michelle Ogundehin, former editor of ELLE Decoration magazine, and guest judge, fashion designer Matthew Williamson. But more of them later.

Our 10 hopefuls - a mix of reality TV cliches for the most part - were put into two teams and tasked with presenting a show home each.

The brief was for the interior to be cohesive and ultimately appeal to enough people that the finished product would help sell the house.

Cue mood boards and lots of thinking outside the box. Or possibly overthinking.

Some struggled to find a balance between making their mark while keeping things neutral, these were show homes after all.

Jerome's children's room was pink. I mean all of it, walls, bedding, cushions, accessories, furniture. Nicki's master bedroom had black walls. In a show home. Ju's office featured so many colours and patterns, her likening of her style to 'Alice In Wonderland' certainly wasn't wrong.

Others played it safe but that's what was actually needed here. It all came down to who could meet the brief, the client's needs, without the need to stamp their own individuality everywhere.

It was all a bit Changing Rooms if I'm honest, and with a big hotel contact for the winner at stake, I expected more.

The judges were my highlight. Watching Williamson give an opinion on anything is now one of my favourite things. His face gave away everything long before the well considered but thinly veiled bitchy views came out his mouth. He was sublime.

Ogundehin didn't hold back either but she'll get the chance to see these creatives grow and she seemed to be fair in her assessments.

The participant who made the first exit took it on the chin but I'm over them already.

The weeks ahead promise some great entertainment, and with everyone thinking their ideas are the best, a few egos are set to be dented. Oh, and there will be some of that design stuff going on.

Interior Design Masters

BBC Two, 8pm, Wednesday