Loggerheads Country Park is so named because of disputes over the mineral rights between Denbighshire and Flintshire, which were finally settled in 1763.

The walk is wooded and for the first section you will follow the River Alun.

There is a steep incline and stunning views can be gained in two areas along

the walk. It has been classed as a medium walk as there is a flight of steep

steps but otherwise it is mostly a flat walk.

How to get there:

From Mold take the A494 in the direction of Ruthin. After entering the village of Loggerheads and just as you pass the pub, We Three Loggerheads, on the left, take the right turn into Loggerheads Country Park.

Grid Reference: SJ198626

Post code: CH7 5LH

Parking: pay and display car park

Facilities: toilets, shop, and café. Dogs must be on a lead within the green area to the front of the facilities and are not allowed in the buildings.

You will need: Dog leads, dog bags

The Walk:

From the car park at the furthest end from the entrance where it narrows go through the kissing gate on to the concrete path on the right, walking towards the pump station. The path then becomes a more natural surface. You will reach a short stonewall, take the path that veers left.

Your dog will be able to get a drink here from the river Alun on the right. Keep the walled ditch to your left and walk along the wooded path. Pass a fence on the right, which leads to a wooden walkway where you can see evidence of the past lead mining.

Follow the boardwalk to the bridge crossing the river and then along the walkway to a further path. Go left signed Devil's Gorge. Here at

certain times of the year when the water level drops the river disappears into the caves of the lead mine.

Continue on the stoned path ahead until you reach a stonewall with an exit out of Loggerheads.

Here you have two choices... a) Go out of the country park and follow a linear route on the Leet path to Devil's Gorge and then retrace your steps back the way you came and to the car park or b) Go up the steps and continue in the country park for views of the

Clwydians and circular back to the car park. Or follow both a) and b).

a) Leave Loggerheads Country Park out of the entrance between the stonewall. Follow the main path where to your left is the riverbed and to the right exposed limestone. The path gets stony and narrows.

You will pass a house and stone wall and then go through a kissing gate. Follow the Leet path, which has an access road for the house. When you reach the end of the lane cross the

quiet road.

Go back into the woodlands and continue ahead where you will see a cave like rock ahead. The path is raised on both sides with a bank to the left and the Leet to the right.

Ignore the path to the left that goes downhill but carry on where the path soon forces you to walk in the dried river for a short distance. You will pass a stone tunnel. Take the path ahead and to the left. You may wish to put your dog on a lead for the last part of this linear section as the bank left is very steep and there is a sheer drop at the bridge ahead.

You will see views to your left and exposed stone to your right. Once you reach a wooden bridge you have reached Devil's Gorge. This is really a spectacular view. Once you have taken it all in go back the way you came to retrace your steps.

b) Follow up the steps on the right and continue following alongside the stonewall field boundary on the left.

Once at the end of the path turn right and follow another stonewall. Look out for the viewing area to your right where you can stop and enjoy the views across the hills to Moel Famau to the right.

Continue along the path, which starts to incline a little. You will come to an opening in the trees where you will look out on top of the limestone hill to absorb the splendid scenery.

Face back to the woods and take the path to your right. Stay on the main path ignoring the path you will see veering right. The path will start descending and you will see a path left marked Cadole. Ignore this path and keep on the descent. As you see the road ahead take the path going right. Stay on this path, which goes up hill for a little way, then will descend and narrow. You will then be walking down

a flight of steps, once at the bottom you can see the large limestone outcrop and back to the river.

Go over the bridge towards the old mill, through the gateway towards the Visitor Centre, where dogs need to be on leads, or up the steps and back to the car park.

This walk is taken from the book: Countryside Dog Walks - North East Wales by Seddon Neudorfer (ISBN 978-0-9573722-0-7) Published by Wet Nose Publications tel: 01824 704398. Copies are available at the Mold Bookshop (tel: 01352 759879). They are also available online from the publisher's website: